SP Architects are able to provide complete architectural services from the briefing phase through to the administration of a construction contract within a variety of sectors having worked in residential single houses to multi-storey developments, community buildings, childcare, infrastructure, education and healthcare. Our depth of understanding of construction methodology, industry developments and contemporary materials allows SP to offer a variety of design options and methods in order to achieve your brief whether it be budget driven, inherently complex or exemplary design.


Prior to going ahead with any decision to build we recommend fully understanding your requirements and aspirations. We will discuss options and help with the development of a brief as well as any other specific requirements.

We will discuss the opportunities and constraints of your site and provide detail of process of design and construction.


During this initial stage we discuss the overall scope or the project including the budget and establish realistic goals and aspirations. We develop the brief if one hasn’t already been established and start to assess what special requirements may be required by any relevant authorities or through the contect of the site.

We discuss what essential sub-consultants such as engineers or landscape architects may be required and produce the necessary sketches, drawings, models and diagrams that may be required to describe the project and outline the cost plan.

Many projects will require approval by council to proceed. SP Architects have a thorough understanding of the Victorian Planning Scheme and how it will apply to your site. Some clauses will require specific attention and we will highlight these early in the design process.

SP Architects will assist you in preparing a thorough planning application and attend application meetings as required.

Following an approved concept design, as the title suggests, we add detail to the design and prepare a package of drawings, sketches, models, perspectives etc. that provide the client with a clear understanding of the projects finer points. Engineers and other consultants will have provided coordinated input and the cost plan is further developed.

Approval is sought to move the project to the documentation stage.

With the design stages completed and planning approval gained the next stage in the process is to prepare a set of detailed documentation suitable for tendering by a builder. SP Architects have a thorough understanding of construction techniques and will produce accurate and sophisticated detailing that remains true to the design concept.


The approved contract documents as prepared in the previous stage are taken through to the tendering process in order to find a suitable contractor.

SP will answer contractors questions, produce addendums if required and assess the tenders to advise the client.

Once a suitable contractor has been selected, the price agreed and the contract signed SP take on the role of independant administrator of the contract as well as being the clients representative. The roles differ depending on the nature of the circumstances at which they come in to play.

We can further discuss the nature of contracts and the benfits of an ABIC contract which utilises an architect as an independent administrator.



SP Architects offer a basic design service that includes an overall concept for your project. If you aren’t sure of what it is that can be done for your site this quick set of design ideas might help you clarify your ideas.


This package of services may suit a client who is looking to sub-divide their property and sell it with approved planning documents. If required SP Architects will provide suitable marketing material such as plans and 3d renders.


This package of work would include Sketch Design, Town Planning, Design Development and Dontract Documentation and may suit an ‘owner builder’ who is confident that they are able to manage their own site.



For property developers interested in testing the potential yield of a site, SP Architects have extensive experience in quickly assessing the options in response to current market conditions whether it be townhouses, apartments, student housing or any other business model.


If you don’t have current drawings or your house or extension, SP Architects are able to quickly provide accurate drawings to scale and correctly noted.


Having worked extensively on masterplanning projects at various scales from university to entire town structure plans we are able to develop an overall vision and strategy within the context prevailing conditions and management requirements.


Thorough community engagement is becoming increasingly important prior to significant infrastructure and planning decisions.

SP Architects have had recent success in developing a community consultation system which has been applauded by both local and state government for its unique process of engagement and inclusion of relevant groups. Contact us for further information regarding the Port Fairy coastal hazards report.


As an additional service we can provide marketing images such as Computer 3D renderings or hand drawn impressions. Such images may typically be required to represent a lifestyle impression or to demonstrate a comparison of scale and material to other buildings in a surrounding context.

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